Overcoming Adversity

Sunday, April 2, 2017
It has been 4 years since I made a post on this website. Needless to say a lot has changed since then. If you follow me on facebook, then you may remember that ive been trying to have a baby. Ive been doing multiple IVF treatments and it all ended in disappointment. I guess I stopped posting because I didnt know what else to say. I felt like a failure. I felt like I let so many people down... including myself.

On top of that, the guy I was trying to have a child with, we are no longer together. That was an even worse blow. I loved him with all my heart and I would have never thought things between us would have ended. So there I was, hitting my mid 30's, childless and now single. I wasnt in a good state for a long time. It took me a while to wrap my head around the reality of it all. And when I did, I would become depressed all over again.

With time and help from loved ones I was able to bounce back and rediscover myself. My ex boyfriend and I are still great friends and I've become more social and outgoing. Ive been out of the country twice so far and I have a few more trips coming up this year. Im still living life, Im just living it a different way.

Im now dating someone new. We've been together over a year now. He's very outgoing and he forces me to step out of my comfort zone and do different things. As of right now were both on the same page when it comes to children. We both agree that if a child was meant for us to have... then God will give us one. Im no longer going to put myself through another emotional rollercoaster again.

My focus now is:

  • Becoming a healthier me. 
  • Start focusing on my happiness and the things I want for my life. 
  • Making sure my money is right so I can retire early.

And the rest is yet to come ; )


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