Losing Weight Before IVF

Monday, May 21, 2012
You might already know, I was thinking about doing IVF a little while ago but I got discourage because the doctors want me to lose weight before I do it and i was waiting for the IUI to take effect instead.  Well now things have changed, right now im on the 5th day of my injections to prepare for my 3rd round of IUI.

To Re Cap ... 

First attempt with IUI got Pregnant - Then Had Miscarriage after about 5 weeks

Second attempt with IUI - Got Negative Pregnancy test

And now I'm working on my 3rd attempt at IUI. I have decided that if the 3rd attempt does not work I will then move on to IVF. As a result of that, I have already lost 5 pounds. My doctor want me to come down to 220lbs in order to do the IVF.

Plan of Attack to Lose 35 pounds !

Step One - Eat anything that is Healthy and Fast. - I work as a customer service agent at a Large communications company on the night shift, so I really don't have time to prepare a bunch of  meals the night before.

Step Two - Make it a No Brainer - I'm always on the go so I don't have time to think about what I eat. I have to be able to just " Pick it up and Eat "

Because of the reasons above I have decided to order the Slim fast 321 Bars and the Kind Bars . The reason I picked the meal bars over the shakes is because I travel to work everyday, for me it would be too difficult to carry 2 or 3 of the shakes with me on a daily basis. So for me to just put the little bars in my bag and have them for lunch and a snack would be great. So I will be updating you on everything, Thanks for Reading. - Smile.


  1. Good Luck :) @shena2881

  2. Good Luck with everything : )

  3. pcosdiaries11/4/12, 6:56 PM

    Thanks a lot, I'm almost at my goal weight to have a safe IVF, about 15 pounds to go . - Smile.


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