Miscarriage and PCOS

Monday, March 19, 2012
People say one of the best type of therapy is talking about things that happened in your life and not keeping everything all bottled in. So here I go, on 2/22/2012 I stood up to go off to lunch, and the moment I did that I felt a strong feeling like I was squeezing to hold something in. Well as I was leaving and heading to the bathroom to see what's going on, I felt a large gush in my underwear like something just exploded. The moment I felt that I knew something just went wrong.

After walking inside the bathroom stall, I tapped that outside of my jeans .... and saw an imprint of blood on my finger. By the time I pulled down my pants and under wear and sat down ... I saw it right there still in my underwear. Its funny sometime, I have never been pregnant a day in my life and I knew I looking at a fetus. The next thing I did was text my boyfriend the one sentence he will never forget " Babe I think we just lost the baby". We talked a bit while I was still on the stall about what to do next, I swear I didn't even want to leave the bathroom, but I knew I couldn't stay there forever.

The next thing I did was call 911 and went to the Emergency, my boyfriend met me there. After spending a few hours doing test and sonograms. The pregnancy test they made me take still came out positive, but the Doctors could not see any signs of pregnancy when they did the sonogram. Over the next few days I woke up crying every morning feeling so empty. At one point it was the three of us, and now its back to two.

Something that dramatic took some what of a hold on the relationship too. Im sorry to say but in a way because of things that was said between us, I blamed my boyfriend and the Doctors for the miscarriage. Its now almost a month later and I'm in a better place. 2 weeks ago I had a D & C procedure done to remove the rest of the pregnancy to avoid infection. After about 4 days post procedure, I did have light bleeding and cramps but then ultimately that stopped. For the most past it took about 2 or so for everything to fully clear out, this includes Cramps, Discharge, Bleeding etc.

Some time last week I went down to the clinic to do some blood test. After the procedure, the two weeks wait after the procedure was completed my HCG results was down to 7.59. Once the HCG levels are down to 0 then we can start over again. The best thing is i got pregnant once, So if I continue doing everything I did before, but this time make a few more changes, I will get pregnant again and this time have a successful Pregnancy.


  1. Bubbydoolou3/19/12, 7:32 PM

    I am very sorry to hear this. Although I have never commented, I have been following you for a few months and was very excited for you. I have been struggling to get pregnant for about seven years now. When I do get pregnant, I ALWAYS miscarry. It is very hard to deal with. Especially at this time of year where everyone is coming up pregnant. I am praying and hoping for the best for you and your boyfriend. \

  2. pcosdiaries3/19/12, 8:14 PM

    Thanks so much for the kind words, the only reason I keep writing like this is to maybe help others that's r going through the same thing I am. Do you have PCOS too ? If you keep miscarring I heard that taking Metformin through your first Trimester will prevent u from losing the baby. Is that the same situation your going through ?

  3.  I do. I am also diabetic and was on Metformin. It didn't help either situation. My insurance doesn't cover alot as far as fertility goes, so I am doing what I can to get my weight down and in better health. When I drop about 10-20 pounds I can get pregnant. But keeping it is a different ball game. I had been told that I have a borderline blood clotting factor, but there isnt a need for blood thinners for the rest of my life. Maybe some baby aspirin around ovulation. That is hard to keep track of. I went and bought 200 ovulation test strips. lol. I never know when it is going to happen so I have to pee on a stick and keep track of everything on my phone. Reading your blog does give me hope and helps me alot. Nobody KNOWS what it is like unless the go through it themselves. I am fortunate to have found this blog.

  4. Malin Gisela3/20/12, 9:36 PM

    I'm so, so sorry to hear that you, and your boyfriend, had to go through this. I have PCOS too, and though I am not quite ready for kids yet myself I still really feel for you and I wish there was something they could do to cure this horrible syndrome already. Don't lose hope though, you will have your baby. Thinking about you!

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