Faint Positive Pregnancy Test

Sunday, February 5, 2012
Over the last week or so this is what has been happening. On the 25th of January I got my IUI done. And Since then the same things has been happening like the last time ... tender breast (side effect from Ovidrel Shot) . However this time new things are happening. Breast are still tender after ovidrel is out of my system, and I have been feeling sick for days now, I never threw up but  i felt like I needed to. And also have I've been have light cramps for maybe 4 or 5 days now, but I'm not even spotting yet. I cant wait. For a while I thought... Ok my period is going to come really soon, and with my luck probably over the weekend. So I didn't really have high hopes at all.

The Ovidrel shot should now be out my system because I took a  Home Pregnancy test strip a couple of times a week and it was Negative. My nurse told me not to do anything until the 8th of Feb to take a pregnancy test. But me being me..  So I took a HPT (Home Pregnancy Test) tonight and this is what I saw.

The darkest line is the negative line and the one on the very top is just a part of the test strip.... But do you see the one in the middle (the faint one) ?

These are three test I took over the past 3 days. The one at the bottom was Taken today.

So I have about 4 more days to do before I can test for real. But since I've seen nothing but Negatives in the past few days ... This test is giving  me some hope.  

So What do you think ?  
Could the test be like this because the Ovidrel still in my system ? 
Should start getting happy Here ?


  1. You're right that it could be the last of the Ovidrel, but I sure hope it isn't! Test again in a few more days :)

  2. Yeah u could be right.... but when I tested about 2 or 3 days ealier... they were all negative. So if Ovidrel was still in my system wouldn't it was positive back then too ? I don't know..... I'm just hoping 2 things happen ...

    1 The Positive line Never goes away

    2 AF never comes

    LOL thanks for the respond Its goos to here different people opinion about it. Kinda helps me out. - Smile


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