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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York is a fertility Clinic located in NYC. This Clinic hold dear to my heart because this is the clinic I go to. 

What can be said about this clinic ? First let me say that the moment I walked through the doors they was "on point".  If you follow this blog then you might remember a post about my Bad Clinic Experience. In that post I talked about how terrible the previous place was and how I had to wait 6 months at a time to see my doctor again. But I tell you the very first time I came to RMA, my Doctor gave me all the medication I needed to get started without so much as a blink of the eye.

How's The Staff  - Wonderful group of women that always have a smile on their face. Very pleasant and professional women, the nurses that works there are the same way. Each of them have a very pleasant disposition. Even the Doctors are professional, never gave me an uncomfortable vibe at all.

How's The Cost -  LOL, well this is lower part of Manhattan were talking about. However from my experience the price is fair. My medical insurance covers a lot of things for me, so the most I pay for out of pocket is a $30.00 co pay per visit. Now depending on how often you have to go, that money can add up. Other wise that's about it, the cost for medications differ depending on what medication you need and what your insurance will cover.

What They Do - Everything is the best answer I can think of, below is a sample of some things they do and for a full list you can visit their website by clicking here
  1. Reproductive Medication (clomid)
  2. IUI 
  3. IVF
  4. Metformin 
  5. Sperm washing 
  6. Egg Donation 
  7. Egg Freezing
  8. Fertility Injections
  9. Classes to teach you how to Give Injection 
  10. ETC .......

RMA of NY is the first clinic I have ever come across that is serious about what they do and takes your time in to consideration. If anyone Live in the NYC area or anywhere close by... Don't hesitate to give them call and stop by for a visit, I'm sure you will not regret it.

635 Madison Avenue • 10th Floor • 
New York, NY 10022 • (212) 756-5777


  1. the cost can go a lot higher...I have paid about $2000 out of pocket. I have insurance. So far I have only done 4 IUI-s so I am dreading the cost of an IVF coming up soon...

  2. PCOS Diaries10/18/12, 3:35 AM

    Would you every consider doing a IVF ?

  3. pcosdiaries11/4/12, 7:01 PM

    Thank You


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