IUI vs IVF ?

Monday, January 23, 2012
The time has come to make a decision... I'm very happy to say that with Low dosage  of Follistim and a little patience I now have one egg 19cm which is large enough to do IUI or have timed Intercourse. For many women this would be a great opportunity to try and have the IUI done but for me, that just makes things harder.

As I might have Mentioned in the past I have United Health Care medical Insurance. This insurance will cover IUI or IVF (3) times in total for the life of my acct with them. What does that mean ?  This mean that if I do an IUI and it was not successful then I just lost 1 out of my 3 chances to have a baby and the insurance cover it. Keep in mind this is for the entire time I'm at my current job and have this insurance. So once the 3 times are up even if all 3 fail, then the insurance won't cover me for these procedures any more.

After speaking with my Doctor, I found out that they can't change from IUI to IVF and my best option for now would be to continue with with the IUI or this cycle. Worst case scenario is if the IUI fail then on my next menstrual cycle I will do the IVF (in vitro fertilization). From what the Doctor told me the success rate would be around 18% for the IUI And naturally when I heard that, I Immediately thought about getting the  IVF done instead. However to prevent everything from going to waste (medication, blood work, and sonogram cost) I will go ahead and give the IUI a shot and who knows maybe I'll get Pregnant and won't need the IVF after all.

Starting tonight I will take Two shots of Ovidrel to start my ovulation and in two days I will start the IUI procedure. I hope to have good news when I make another post. And thank all of you for following me on my site and the fan page. I will for sure update everyone on what happens next.


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