IUI Procedure

Thursday, January 26, 2012
So I had my first IUI done today and I can say it was a very pleasant experience. After the Doctor called me in and I got undressed we went through the process as if it was a Pap Smear. Very little to no pain at all, and honestly it was so quick I didn't even realize when he was done. The most important thing I noticed was after laying there about 15min, I stood up and I can honestly say I did not feel anything drip out of me.

The Doctor informed me my boyfriend has over 50 Million mobile sperm  and the minimum the Doctor need was 10 million. So that's good to hear that he doesn't have a low sperm count, at least that's one less thing to worry about. At this point I have to simply wait about 2 weeks to see if Either my cycle come down or (Fingers Crossed) my cycle does not come down and I'm Pregnant.

The IUI procedure went by so quick I went to YouTube to see exactly was done to me. And I found a beautiful video about How IUI Works. To anyone interested in doing IUI before IVF, I say go for it. Its much cheaper than IVF from what I heard any way, and most importantly .. its "Pain Free"  Check out the video below and Learn a little more the IUI Procedure like I did. - Smile


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