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Sunday, January 1, 2012
" Fertility Injectables is what you get when Clomid Fails "

That is my quote of the day. Since the last time I posted I mentioned that I am a Clomid Failure. The 150Mg of Clomid did not increase the size of my follicles to produce eggs. After having a conversation with my Doctor it has been decided to move on to Injections. Before I get started with the Injections I had to take a little class that teaches how to do the injection and where on the body I can safely inject Etc. 

So after the class was done I found out that I will be prescribed "Gonal F"  Which is the name of a Fertility Injection. While going to the class I also found out that this will be expensive. The nurse mentioned every other day I will have to do a Sonogram and Blood work. Now for me that is a $30.00 co pay each time I go. Plus the price for the Injections themselves ... I was quoted $150.00. Not sure how accurate that is because I didn't get the prescription for it yet. But regardless that Is money ... So I got to thinking, If im going to put all this money out to do this, then I mind as well go through with the IUI instead of doing timed intercourse. 

Since the IUI will have cleaned sperm placed directly in the uterus or where ever they put it. Maybe this will better the odds over doing timed sex. Because frankly, putting money out like this ... I can't do for too long.

Brands of Fertility Drug Injectables :
  • Pergonal
  • Humegon
  • Fertinex 
  • Repronex
  • Gonal-F 
  • Follistim

As always I will continue to update my readers on everything that happens. In the mean time give me your opinion.

Did the fertility Injections Help you get pregnant ? 
What was your thoughts about the medication ?
How did you feel when you was on it ? 
Would you use it again ?

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