40 BMI To Get IVF

Friday, January 27, 2012
I Have To Lose  Another 30 Pounds To get IVF ? And the struggles continue... Just when you think Infertility was going to be my biggest obstacle, now I have to Lose weight too !

To give you a bit of an update I talked to my Doctor over the phone because I wanted to get information on using IVF just in case the IUI didn't work this cycle. And then Boom ! she tells me the shocking news that I cant get IVF without a BMI of at least 40 or below. If my BMI is over 40 then the Anesthesiologist will not approve me .

Since IVF involves a needle our going in your vagina you have to be put under medication to block the pain. So now I have another decision to make (because I always Like to think ahead) In case the IUI did not work on my first cycle, I might take a month or so off to try and lose more weight in order to skip to IVF.  The reason I'm thinking this is because I have noticed the success rate for IUI is pretty low and from what some women are saying ... It took them 4, 6, 8 months using IUI to get Pregnant. Personally I cant afford that and my insurance will only cover 2 more of either IUI or IVF, then that's it I pay out of pocket.

So (fingers Crossed) I wont have to go through this because I will be pregnant and me and my boyfriend will start preparing for the baby. However if it does fail then I will focus on losing weight and getting down my BMI. Do Any one know of any Good Diets out there that help to lose weight fast ? Because My natural way of doing things may not work for the amount of time I'm working with.


  1. Hang in there, I know it's hard when doctors harp on weight in this TTC thing. It's just really hard to hear that and not begin to believe that it's your fault you can't conceive. I'm overweight with PCOS, but I have a friend who has never been overweight and only eats organic food, and is also suffering from PCOS. It just happens. Good luck with everything!

  2. It is so frustrating to go to the clinic and be told that you are to heavy for treatment, but unfortunately alot of the stimulating meds won't work if you are over a certian point weight wise, and they will need to give alot of the meds I think baised on weight, and as we all know more fertility meds the higher the risk of OHSS syndrome and multi-gestation. Also if you ahve to go under anestesia there could be aditional complications as well.

    For many wommen loosing weight is difficult if not near impossible especially if you have a dx. of PCOS. I struggled with weight my whole life found out at almost 30 about the PCOS, and finally after many doctors wigged out about my weight I had the lap band done. I'm just begining my journey with the band but i've allready lost almost 50 pounds and i'm on my way to a healthier body.
    Hang in there have an open and honest talk with your MD about your weight, and other sighns and symptoms your body is throwing that might be troubling you. A good doctor will listen and run tests and find out if there is a medical why behind the excessive weight.
    ---PCOS sucks...


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