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Friday, December 2, 2011
I made an announcement on my Fan Page about the fact that my cycle came down. Needless to say i was a bit disappointed. I brought some Pregnancy Test Strips because I had to test on Wednesday to see if I was pregnant or not. However since my cycle came down ... that answered my own question. My dear, dear boyfriend wanted me to take it anyway thinking "May Be" I still could be, so to make him happy I tested anyway and the result was a very strong negative.

When I thought I was pregnant I use to stand in Rite Aid starring at their Pregnancy Test thinking to myself ... "Should I buy One " . Well I'm sure glad I didn't around here those test are over $20 for 3 Clearblue digital test. The cheapest one I found was the store brand, which was $9 for one test. 
So I did some research and found these test online. I picked up 50 strips for $9 only because I wanted the test in 2 days and it had free 2 day shipping. For any one who is planning on taking Pregnancy Test  or Ovulation Test  maybe you should consider using Test Strips, you get the same result and save money at the same time. As for me, today I start my second round of Clomid. I hear a lot of women say they get pregnant on their second or third try, So I have high hopes. 

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