Small Follicles and Immature Eggs ?

Monday, November 14, 2011
Friday I went to the clinic to get my ultrasound done, the purpose of this was to see if the Clomid I was taking is working. If my eggs had matured, they would have then given me a shot of Ovidrel to help me ovulate. Well after I did the sonogram the Doctor told me that my Follicles were still small. He believes that my follicles should mature by Monday and I should go down and do second sonogram to see if things changed. He also mentioned that I should have Sex over the weekend just in case they grow while I'm home. Naturally since I wanted to know all possibilities ... I asked the Doctor " what happens If Monday comes and my follicles are still small. " ?  Well He replied by saying that my other Doctor will need to give me a stronger dose of clomid because the 100mg may not have worked.

Needless to say I was disappointed, I was hoping once they do the ultrasound, the Doctor will tell me I'm Pregnant. Ok, so maybe my hopes was a little too high on that one. But I was at least expecting us to move on and he give me the Ovidrel shot. My biggest concern is when I go back on Monday and we find out nothing changed. Of course I'm still going to keep going because I know I'm close to reaching my goal of a little bundle of Joy, its just scary thinking that all of this effort still may not work. Worst case scenario is on Monday I see the Doctor and my follicles did not mature. At that point I will have to be put on 150mg of Clomid instead then try everything out all over again. I guess that's not too bad when you think about it. This is only my first time on clomid so I guess through trial and error I know something will work out for me.

Has anything like this happened to you ? Do small follicles mean the Clomid didn't work or could I be a late bloomer ? What happened in your experience with this ?


  1. Hi! I just wanted to say i've had exactly the same thing happen where i wait and see if the eggs will mature, we're in exactly same boat! I've found all this very hard. What happened with yours? Where are you in your journey? Email me at

  2. Does anyone have updates on the use of clomid, did it work or the out come. First tine on clomid and ovidrel and needed some stories weather successful or not.
    Thanks ;-) good luck

    1. Clomid is good and it does the job of helping to build your eggs. And Ovidrel helps to bring the eggs down so they work perfect together.

      I had to use Clomid with Metformin for it to work for me, so I guess it depends on the person, other wise ... yeah they work great together.


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