Tuesday, November 15, 2011
I have mentioned this on my Fan Page and in some previous post I did and people are asking me what it is ? And what it does ?

So I'll explain what it is and how it works. Ovidrel is an Injection that's given to you once you have large enough eggs. You can find that out by doing a sonogram with your doctor.

Once your Doctor determines that your eggs are ready to ovulate, they will then give you the Ovidrel shot. The Ovidrel shot consist of 2 small needles with fluid that will be injected in you through your stomach. The injection will be located next to your belly button, and there is very little pain.

What happens next you ask ? Next is intercourse, I'm trying to get pregnant through timed intercourse and if that don't work then maybe I'll move on the IUI in the future. Ovidrel gives you an guarantee of when you will ovulate. So on the night you get your Ovidrel shot,  you must have Intercourse the next 2 days. After you have sex for that two days, the next thing you do is, Wait. You must wait about 2 weeks or so and then take a pregnancy test to see if your pregnant. I will update you on how the shot makes me feel, and hopefully I will ovulate shortly. - Smile


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