Using IVF To Get Pregnant

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm sure many of you already know, I started a new job a few weeks ago and as a result I got new health insurance. This new insurance was the most important thing for me because my health insurance covers IVF. After having a big discussion with my boyfriend, we have decided to try IVF to get pregnant. I was really afraid of starting over because I really didn't want to go through a bunch of test like the HSG exam all over again.

The good thing is that the IVF clinic, accepts medical records from your previous DR. After speaking with them, I was told that since my HSG exam was only a few months old, they will accept that and I wont have to do it over gain. My plan is to first get my records from my previous DR then set up an appointment.

The only thing I am concerned about is my health insurance will only cover the IVF procedure 3 Times within the life time of  my health coverage under that account.

What that means is : If I do the IVF procedure 2 Times and both times FAIL ... Then I only have 1 last chance to try to get pregnant. If the last chance fail also, then my Health Insurance will no longer cover IVF procedure. The only way I can get around that is to switch jobs and hopefully the new job will have a health insurance to cover IVF. (Complicated I Know) but that's the process.

So right now I'm looking for a good IVF clinic : 
  • That are In my Network for insurance Purpose
  • A clinic located around area
For anyone interested in IVF,  below is a video I found on youtube that shows the procedure. The name of the clinic that created the video is Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York . If you have Insurance that covers IVF procedures, make sure you do research on how much your insurance covers and for how many procedures. Personally I'm interested in they are around my area and they seem very professional. I'm going to speak with them of course to get my own opinion about them. Hopefully I can find a good clinic, the procedure will work great "The First" time and I will have a little bundle of joy soon. (Smile)

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