Bad Infertility Clinic Experience

Sunday, October 30, 2011
About 2 weeks ago I mentioned  I had a Doctor appointment to see  if I can get IVF, well the results was rather interesting. Ok first of all let me start off by saying I switch Medical clinics. I spent about 1 year and a half working with the Doctors at Lincoln Medical Center, and they suck. I'm sure for people  that worked with them in the past, I'm sure this comes to no surprise as to why I feel  this way. With in that year they performed the Glucose exam twice on me  and.... ummm come to think about I don't remember them doing much else until a year later when I got my HSG exam done.

To make things easier to explain... my wonderful Doctor (sarcasm) can only be seen once every 6 Months... that's right ONCE every 6 MONTHS.  So when you stop and think about it , its very easy to have a year go by and accomplish nothing with them.  It took that clinic a year, and  after that time I still didn't have an once of medication to help me with anything.  No Clomid, No Metformin ... hell not even any aspirin. Don't get me wrong, I know these things take time, but I'm sure a lot of you can understand my disappointment and frustration every time I wait 3 Months or 4 Months or 6 Months for an appointment that can help me get pregnant and all I get is "OK so now we are  going to repeat this exam because in the first results your sugar level was slightly above normal but not diabetic, so I'm going to have you re take the exam before putting you on Metformin."

I literally  sat there and felt tears come up in my eyes. I came to the appointment thinking this was it. I took my exam and now we can move forward. Instead I get knocked back another step. But most of all I think the worst part knowing that I don't have much time to accomplish this. I'm not 20, 22, or even 25, My butt is pushing 30 so needless to say Time is of the Essence. At this point I bet your thinking ... "Well why she waited so long to change clinics ? " And the answer I have to that is "HOPE", I figured if I waited and work with them I can accomplish this. And most importantly, I invested too much time to start all over with another clinic.

Well, so I thought ... I went down to the clinic I found online, I think I mentioned it in my last post ... And the verdict is ... they are wonderful. The ladies sitting at the front desk, the nurse, even the Doctor treated me so nicely.

And with in that First and Only appointment I had with them My Doctor :
  1. Did a sonogram  of my ovaries
  2. Subscribed Clomid , 100 Mg
  3. Metformin
  4. Provera
  5. Ovidrel. This medication must come with me when go to the clinic on the 3rd day of my menstrual cycle. I was told it kick starts my ovulation.

In one day I got more accomplished then I have all my life. At this point I want to feel maybe this is it and I can become pregnant using the treatment given to me ... but I Don't want to Jinks anything. (smile) This Wednesday will be the 3rd day of my cycle and I'm going down for another visit with them. The next visit will involve a sonogram to see if the medication is working, and if not then she will give me 150 Mil of Clomid instead. I feel good about everything right now and hopefully the Lord will make this happen for me. I will make sure to update you and hopefully bring back some good news. Until then ... Toodles (smile)


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  3. pcosdiaries11/4/12, 6:31 PM

    No Problem, Due to Insurance change I might be changing clinics, Hopefully this one will be just as good.


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