Trouble Losing Weight While at Work

Saturday, September 10, 2011
As some of your might already know from the Facebook Fan page I mentioned that I started a new job working as a customer service representative at a large cable company. Even though I just started about 3 weeks ago, and I'm still in the learning period of the job... I noticed I'm having a much harder time just trying to maintain my weight, let alone lose weight.

Five days a week for around 8hrs a day, I do nothing but sit at a computer desk. I'm sure majority of you reading this post do the same thing. Personally I'm having a tough time keeping my weight down. I think its a combination of not being as physically active as I was when I was not working. When I wasn't working I would Clean the house, Cook dinner and go shopping. Doing those few things a couple of days a week along with eating healthy, really helped me lose weight. But now my schedule and lifestyle changed so much is really difficult.

For some reason my job just loves to give us free Donuts and Dinners to show their appreciation to us. However this sucks for me because every time I eat Donuts I can actually Hear My Fat Cells Grow Larger with Each Swallow of the sweet treat. As a result I try to avoid these such foods as much as I can. Another thing I hate is trying to buy food to eat for Lunch. For the simple fact that everything my job sells to eat was created in a cave with processed materials then slapped in a container with a price tag on it.

I'm probably going shopping this weekend to pick up better options for lunch, snacks and dinner at home.So far these are a few things I have in mind that I would normally eat to help me lose weight.

Shopping List :
  1. Fruit
  2. Tuna Fish
  3. Yoguart
  4. Chicken Breast
  5. Crackers - Low or No Sodium
  6. Lean Ground Beef
  7. Chicken Pieces
  8. Multi Grain Muffin - Thanks Courtney
  9. Peanut Butter - Low Sodium
  10. Raisins

This is all I can think of for the moment, but as I think of more items I'll add them on the list. Better yet if you can think of something else that is quick and healthy to have during lunch at work, don't be afraid to post a Comment and share your ideas. While I was looking around online I came across this website called 50 Ways to Lose Weight While Your at Work. Its an interesting read so maybe you all can check that out after you read this post. I will make sure to post when ever I can about what ever is on my mind, as long as you keep on reading. - Smile

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  1. Funny. I can relate to this from past jobs. In my old job I was the receptionist so whenever someone sent us a gift basket or chocolates he would put them on my desk for all to partake of. Talk about temptation!

  2. I know exactly what you are going through with the donuts! Donuts make people grumpy and fat! Talk to your Human Resources department and inspire them to support healthy eating at work! They will have more productive and happier customer service reps and happier customers too!

  3. I feel you! Unlike what most people think, you can actually lose some weight even while working in the office. You can even search for office-friendly workouts.

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