Aphogee 2 Step Treatment

Monday, September 26, 2011
Yesterday was my first time using the Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment, and so far I'm happily pleased.

Here is a picture of both the 2 Step treatment and the Balancing Cream. Both are needed

If you use the 2 Step (while bottle) without using the Balancing Moisturizer  (pink bottle),  your hair will FALL OUT more then it is right now. 

Hair Washing Regimen 

  1. First thing I used was the Aphogee Damage  Shampoo which is needed to clean your hair.
  2. After washing my hair a few times I used the 2 Step Protein Treatment. Making sure the treatment was in my hair, I slowly comb the treatment through my hair. Once done with that I used my blow dryer and dried the hair maybe around 30 to 40 min. (I have a relaxer so my hair isn't that thick). Women with ticker hair may need to blow dry their hair a bit longer. 
  3. Once hair is dry ... The protein in your hair will become very hard. Once its hard go back in the shower under warm water and after a few min you will feel your hair become more loose and natural. 
  4. Once protein is fully rinsed out of hair then you use your balancing moisturizer. Make sure you work the moisturizer through your head at least twice. 
  5. The next thing I did was the 2 Min Re constructor. This is something like a deep conditioner.

That's it ... your done ! Yeah I know it seem like a lot, but my hair feels great because of it. After I washed out everything I let my hair air dry then I sprayed some Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer on it, then styled it the next day. And the result ... My hair is very soft, easy to manage and I see less breakage. I will let u know how my hair is between now and 6 weeks (the next time I have to do the 2 step treatment again.


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