PCOS - Hair Shedding

Friday, August 5, 2011
Hummm, Does your bathroom floor look like this ? Well in my case I had to do my hair in the bedroom and this was the result. So I decided to gather most (not all) of the hair I pulled from the comb and take a picture of it. The rest of the hair that was on the floor had to get swept up instead.

For some reason this have been happening I would say about 3 years or so. I thought my job was causing it but I was wrong. I have not been working for almost 2 years now and the problem still happens. Thankfully I'm starting a new job at the end of the month, so I'm in good spirits but the problem still continues. 

Then I thought well maybe my hair is damaged because I got relaxers often. So for this reason I stopped getting relaxers and haven't had one for months now. My hair is so thick and coarse I need a blow dryer just to help me manage it. Since Im starting a new job I have decided to get another relaxer and find a way to strengthen my hair. After doing some research on youtube.... I came across this product called Aphogee. The main purpose of Aphogee is to put protein back in your hair which should stop hair breakage and shedding.

As you can see they have lots of different products to help rebuild your hair. The products I started with are :

  • Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair
  • Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor
  • Balancing Moisturizer

I figured I will start off with these products first because they can work really well with my new relaxer. My plan is to use the products at home myself to help get my hair stronger for my relaxer in about 2 weeks. And while I get my relaxer I will have the salon use the products to help my hair even more. Hopefully if things go well I should have a much healthier head of hair and no more shedding. - Smile.

I will update you randomly on the rebuilding of my hair so make sure you continue to follow on Facebook or  sign up for the RSS Feed.


  1. ugh! One of the things I hate about PCOS! I KNEW I was losing more hair than usual but I didn't want to look like a hypochondriac so I let it go until I got my PCOS diagnosis. Those brushes don't know what hit them ha!


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  5. Hi, I'm having the same problem with my hair. I wonder if the aphogee products are working for you.

  6. Hi, I'm having the same problem with my hair ,I didn't realize Pcos was the cause until I started getting informed about the syndrome . I wonder if the Aphogee products are working for you ,I need to relax my hair but is too weak and I'm losing big chunks of hair every time I wash it . I'll appreciate your help, this is really frustrating .

  7. @GegpHey, thanks for your comment. As of right now I need another relaxer also. I just got through doing another 2 step protein treatment, i do feel like my hair is strong than before. My hair still sheds but I don't think its as much as it was before. I'm going to keep using the products and see if my hair gets stronger and more healthier than before.

  8. Ladies like you I absolutely love my hair.  Unfortunately like you my hair has been thinning. However my research on line and through my own trials have come up with this.  PCOS causes issues because we are lacking in some area. I began taking Prenatal Vitamins (no I'm not trying to have a baby) flaxseed gel tabs, and Biotin. Flaxseed is great and contains Omega 3. The Biotin is known for assisting with hair growth nails etc. Also stop using any prodcuts that may contain sulfate/sulpher.  This stuff kills our hair. Finally find a stylist that will work with you..not just styles your hair so you can be cute. My original stylist is known throughout the US for his styles, and celebrity clients. He has his own hair care line and really works with your hair.  His name is Barry Fletcher. Google him you can order his products online. I have another stylist and she is wonderful but doesn't understand the disorder so I'm going to try to work with her this weekend. She doesn't seem to understand that relaxers seem to help my hair more...anywho it may appear that we are losing this battle but ladies we will win the WAR!!!  BTW yes I'm African American but this is a female disorder not a COLOR DISORDER!!!  http://www.mcssl.com/store/barryfletcherproductsinc 


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