What to Expect After HSG Procedure

Saturday, June 18, 2011
Hey everyone hope you all are doing good. I just had my HSG exam last week. And it wasn't too bad. By me asking so many people " How bad is the pain ? " I think I made things harder on myself when it came down to the exam.

Over all the Exam was ok. It remind me of a Pap smear in some ways. The "Pain" come when the doctor places a catheter (i believe is the name for it) in your vagina, and when he does that u will have a cramp like feeling. Personally, I have had cramps that brought me down to my knees and had me laying on the floor crying ... so the test to ME wasn't that bad.

Once the exam is completed you will be given a pad and some gauze. The gauze will be to clean yourself out from all the liquids that were placed inside you. And the pad will be used to catch in excess fluids or blood that might come down. My nurse informed me NOT to have sex of any kind and no douching for three days to prevent infection. This also includes protected sex (condom).

If anyone is taking the exam soon, then try not to worry too much about it. The exam is uncomfortable and slight pain but that's it. Listen to everything the doctor tells u to do to prepare for the exam and you should be good to go.

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  1. I Had my HSG one hour Ago!!! I can't believe how painless it was!!! I am Having abit of cramps! But I'm back at work!!!


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