Yoga Techniques to Burn the Extra Calories to Remain in Shape

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Yoga is the key to remain healthy and in perfect shape in life. It is very useful as it gives you total control over body and mind. Regular practice of yoga can result in numerous health benefits, it helps to prevent and cure various health issues. Similarly, yoga practices also help to lose the extra calories in the body to remain in perfect shape. We know that, weight loss can be achieved by various methods such as aerobics, heavy exercises and dieting.

Yoga exercises to lose weight do not provide instant result. It has to be practiced regularly for better and permanent results. These techniques performed for weight loss are very gentle methods to stretch and tone the body. Nowadays, people across the world follow and focus on the new yoga techniques to achieve toned and slim body especially in the western world where obesity is in the rise. Yoga practices for weight loss involve special yoga techniques that concentrate to improve the metabolism along with burning extra calories in the body. It is more of a relaxing exercise to calm your mind away from stress than performing hard exercises.

Practicing yoga for weight loss, it can be achieved even faster than practicing other sporting activities such as aerobics or cardiovascular exercises. To burn calories faster with yoga, the following yoga techniques must be applied.

Ashtanga Yoga: This is a dynamic style of practicing certain postures providing various advantages for people needing to lose weight. It is a series of complicated postures, which are practiced by dedicated yogis. However, beginners can practice the postures before which they will have to practice a series of other poses to increase the level of motivation. If a person learns the posture well and perfectly, it can be practiced at home regularly, as it is very effective. Regular practice of the Ashtanga yoga will result in a strong and toned body.

Bikram Hatha Yoga: This is highly preferred by celebrities and athletes to burn the extra calories to stay fit with a well-toned body. The Bikram Hatha Yoga is an integration of soother yoga practice and other calorie burning exercises such as cardiovascular exercises or aerobics. It is not easy to practice the Bikram Hatha yoga as it does not let the practitioner to rest or relax between the exercises. However, this is a very effective and highly preferred method to burn calories little faster.

Power Yoga: This type of yoga practice is very popular across the world as it is effective and provides positive results quickly. The power yoga is a series of vigorous and energetic cardiovascular exercises.

Vinyasa Yoga: This type of yoga is practiced in a hot room. It makes the body to sweat a lot and burn calories.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations: This is series of yoga asanas and pranayama. It is well thought-out as the best exercise for the body. Similarly, it is considered as the best exercise for burning calories and is often recommended for the treatment of obesity.

While practicing these yoga techniques, it is vital to prepare your mind to focus towards losing weight. Changing the mentality towards a better feeling will help to achieve the focused aim. All the types of yoga mentioned above have additional advantages for the improved mental and physical health.


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