Weight Loss Tip - Sweat While You Work Out

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
If your lucky enough to live in warm climate area like California or Florida, then you have a great opportunity to burn much more calories then people that live in colder climates. The reason for this is because living in a warmer climate your able to sweat more and  in return burn more calories.

I live in the New York area, and I make sure to take advantage of the nice weather that has come upon us. Today for example I took a nice walk outside in 70 degree weather.

While walking outside I wore: 
  1. Sauna Suit - Top and Bottoms
  2. Sweat Pants - Is worn on top of the bottom half of the sauna suit
  3. Sweat Shirt - Worn on the top part of the sauna suit.
  4. Coat or Jacket - Is worn on top of sweat shirt. As a result I am now wearing 3 layers on top and 2 layers on the bottom.

Wearing these items while doing a nice long walk, will cause your body to be covered in sweat. I was outside and actively walking for about an hour. By the time I got back home, sweat was dripping down my hands.

Suana Suits are very inexpensive (but can rip very easily depending on which one you buy). My only warning is when your doing your phsyical activity while wearing your Sauna Suit, make sure you do not get too dehydrated. Having a small bottle of water with you on your walk will be great. Two different Examples of a Sauna Suit is shown below. Have a good and safe work out ... I know I will. 

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  1. This is a great tip to stay healthy. Maintain an active lifestyle to shed off extra pounds.


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