Lap Band Surgery For PCOS

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Lap Band Surgery is a type of weight loss surgery many men and women do in order to achieve their weight loss goal and sometime can cure PCOS. The two most popular types of weight loss surgery is The Lap Band  and Gastric Bypass Surgery . Today we are going to discuss The Lap Band Surgery pros and cons.

Below is a picture of what your stomach will look like on the inside after you have the Lap Band surgery.  

Advantages To having this surgery

  • Simple and for the most part, a safe procedure
  • Reversible
  • You have the ability to adjust the restriction of the band to either tighter in order to eat less food, to more loosen, so you'll be able to eat more.
  • No removing or altering any part of the stomach or intestines.
  • you will have a shorter hospital stay with Lap Band Surgery then you would with Gastric Bypass.
  • Quicker recovery
  • Low malnutrition risk
  • Low rate of major complications

How Much Weight Can You expect to Lose ?
  • Slow and steady weight loss
  • Settles at final weight 3-4 years after surgery
  • 40-50% weight loss after 1 year
  • 55% weight loss after 5 years

Negatives To LapBand Surgery
  • The band that is wrapped around your stomach internally can slip out of position. As a result, you will have to do more surgery in order for the doctors to put it back in place. 
  • The band can be tightened too much  causing a severe case of malnutrition
  • Any time you need your band adjusted to either tighten or loosen it, a large needle will have to go through your skin and puncture a port that is located on the surface of your stomach. 
  • You may also have a much harder time eating foods such as Chicken and Lean Ground Beef because it's more difficult for these type of foods to travel through your Band. Where as foods like Milk shake and Ice cream will travel just fine because it's a soft liquid.

To sum everything up, Lap Band Surgery is less invasive as the Gastric Bypass. However the weight loss for the lap band is much slower than then Bypass Surgery. Even though weight loss is the most important thing at the moment. Many people forget about the side effect of losing weight too quickly. That side effect being loose and hanging skin. With Bypass Surgery you can lose a large portion of your weight within the first 6 months. By the weight coming off so quickly, that will leave you at a higher risk of having loose skin.

Since the Lap Band causes you to lose weight gradually then the skin will have better chance of tightening up as your body changes.

In the picture here, It looks like for the most part this person is in pretty good shape. I say this because of the muscle that is shown when they flex their arm. However, do you see the loose wrinkled skin that dangles right under their muscle ? Most likely this person recently went through some type of weight loss change because their skin did not bounce back in to shape along with the body.

Either way, surgery is still surgery and anything can happen while your on the operating table. The most important thing to remember is that surgery is a life time commitment. Having Weight Loss Surgery to help fix your PCOS should not be a "simple" decision to make.A person must also consider what type of maintenance you will need after your surgery is complete. Google and Youtube is a great source for information on both Gastric Bypass and The Lap Band surgery. I would also suggest to take your time making the decision and to find out all of the  information you can. Because once your surgery is successfully completed, you are the only person that has to deal with the after effects.  


  1. so are you considering the band to help tackle the obesity? I'm in the pre-aproval phase of getting a surgical date. Deciding to band came after struggling for over two years with weight loss after seeing a nutritionist and being placed on metformin, with no desired result.

    After doing loads of research i came to the conclusion that not only could a band restore my body to a healthy weight, but it could also restore my fertility or atleast make IUI a useful tool. This is not an easy decision or method. I'm currenty waiting for the psyc. eval to come back with the all clear it's been just six days since the apt. but it feels like an eternity. I've collected some of the items for the pre op diet but not all. And it sucks the waiting but hopefuly i'll know soon what is next for me.

  2. Cosmetic SurgerySpecialist3/23/12, 2:55 AM

    Really appreciative article. The information on surgery is better and people can learn lot of things from this. Thanks for posting it

  3. I HAVE PCOS and I had Lap band surgery lost 70 lbs in a year. It helped with everything I  even became pregnant with my second child but since i have had the baby and had my band filled i am having a hard time losing the weight now. My husband had a vasectomy so i am no longer on birth control and now i am wondering if that helped me lose the weight easier the first time after my surgery.


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