How To Maintain Your Weight Loss While Having PCOS

Monday, April 18, 2011
Congratulations ! You successfully lost all the weight you needed and you have reached your goal ! Now What ? Most people find it pretty easy to lose weight on their own. However, after doing so they soon realize that "Keeping the Weight Off" is the toughest thing to do. The reason is because there are so many other aspects in our lives that can easily cause us to go off track.

Reasons We Gain Weight Back
  • Holidays 
  • Social Events 
  • You miss your old foods and the way you use to eat. 
  • The reason for your weight has now come and gone so the  importance of weight management no longer exist. 
  • Get too comfortable and begin to slide back in to your old ways
  • Reward yourself with with snacks too many times
  • You surround yourself with people that like to eat, and that has become your way of socializing with them.

Now lets talk about different ways we can maintain our weight loss. As I might have mentioned in the past I have already lose about 30 pounds. And believe me when I tell you, it was not easy, especially if your suffering from PCOS. Some times I felt frustrated when I didn't see the number I felt I should see. I wanted to give up because I felt like losing weight was pointless if I'm going to be "Fat" all over again. There were so many things I thought to my self in my frustration that would have sabotage my goals. So for me to sit here and say that I kept the weight off so far, is a great accomplishment for me. Of course I still have a long way to go in order to reach my goal, but at least I didn't backtrack and gain the 30 pounds back (see I always look on the bright side of things). 

How I maintained my weight loss ?
  • I live with a very supportive boyfriend that is doing his own weight loss journey also. Therefore we support each other and make sure we don't fall off track. 
  • I am determined not to go back to where I was before. I don't know about you, but I have been doing the "Yo-Yo Diet" for far too long.
  • Make sure you keep weighing yourself. The reason for this is so that you can keep aware of the weight you are. Therefore if you see yourself slowly gaining weight again, then you need to make sure that the week coming up you try to stay away from fatty foods. By eating more vegetables, fruits, low sodium foods and staying away from a lot of carbs, you should be back on track in no time.
  • Start changing some of your habits. For example, I have a bad habit of watching TV and snack at the same time. In one sitting I can eat an entire 99cent bag of chips with out a second thought. Whereas now, I eat fruit while watching TV.
  • Most importantly, even though I still do eat the foods I love from time to time, I now have more control over myself. I am more important and my future children is more important than Ice cream and chips.

The tips above are just a few things I have done in order to keep my self in check. And a lot of those reasons above are also the reasons I want to lose weight. Each person is different and want to lose weight for their own purpose. However I'm sure a lot of us has had the feeling of failure when you gain back every single pound you lost plus more. And the cause of that failure has a lot to do with some of the reasons I mentioned above.

We as women sometime need that extra support from others like ourselves. That support helps us to remember why we are doing this, or what made us start this journey to begin with it. If you can't find that support in your friends or family, then find it online. There are hundreds of online forums and blogs like pcosdiaires  that will give you the support you need. Once we reach out to each other and continue our goals together, then we all can be successful.


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