5 Tips to Lose Weight 2 Get Pregnant

Thursday, April 28, 2011
This guest post is written by Lauren Dzuris. Lauren runs FindMyCarSeat, a car seat website that also offers a Baby Blog so that parents can learn what to expect with pregnancy and learn advice for after pregnancy.

We all dream of having a baby and getting pregnant at some point in our lives. Whether we’re in our 20’s or late 30’s it’s important that we’re healthy enough to get pregnant. A great way to figure that out is through a simple physical at a doctor’s appointment.

Having a healthy weight before you get pregnant is important for a number of reasons. First, you don’t want to increase your risk of getting gestational diabetes, and more importantly because of our PCOS, many of us here need to get pregnant in order to have a child. So, if you know that you’d like to have a baby somewhere in the future but know you have a couple pounds to lose, no problem! Consider a few of these ideas to get your process going!

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Create a plan: It is so important that you come up with some type of plan to lose the weight. Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds by this fall, or you’d like to work on shrinking your mid-section, work on having a goal. Being organized and having a plan is the first thing that needs to be done in order to lose weight. If you don’t have rules or restrictions, you won’t know what’s good enough and what’s not.

Eliminate sugary drinks: It’s so easy to consumer hundreds of calories by the beverages we’re drinking. Consider replacing those with water, or by doing half juice and half water. Getting rid of pops, and other surgery drinks all together isn’t necessary, but simply replacing at least one of those drinks a day with water is essential.

Eat colors: Make sure you eat a great variety of foods. Since some foods only have certain vitamins and minerals, it’s important to eat a variety to increase your chances of getting all those important nutrients.
Eat lots of colors. If it’s produce and it’s colorful eat as many as you can to cure the cravings or hunger.

Move around: We all need to move around more often. Whether you park your car farther away in a parking lot, or you take the stairs instead of the elevator, move around. The more movement, the more calories burned.

Get your sleep: Make sure you’re getting your rest. In order for your body to repair itself from a long day, it needs to rest. Try to aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. The closer you get to 7-9 hours a night, the healthier you’ll be, the stronger your immune system will become, and the less time you have to eat those snacks!

As you can see, there are many ways to lose the weight you need to in order to get pregnant. It is so very important that you realize how crucial it is to be a healthy woman before you become a healthy mother.


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