You Dont Have to Have Ovarian Cysts to Suffer from PCOS Symptoms

Monday, March 21, 2011
In a post I did a little while ago called Do I Have PCOS ? I mentioned that I do not have cyst on my ovaries. Now for some women that may not know, PCOS is when there are cyst that sits on your ovaries. For some women these cyst can cause lots of pain during their menstrual cycle or when they ovulate. In more extreme cases there can be so many cyst on a woman's ovaries, an operation will be needed in order to remove them all.

However there are those rare occasions when a woman does not have any cyst on her ovaries at all. In the beginning of me discovering PCOS and learning more about it, I had no idea about any of this stuff. It's kind of like, you go to the doctor because of  a chest cold, then "BOOM" you come back out with PCOS. Personally I was very happy to hear that my ovaries were just fine. But on the other hand I'm thinking ... "Where Does This Leave Me" ? Do I Have PCOS or Not ?  Needless to say I was a bit confused at that moment. After talking to my doctor however and doing some research online, I realized I did not have to have cyst on my ovaries to have PCOS. Since I acquire majority of the symptoms, that alone confirms that I have it. If for any reason you feel you might have some of the major symptoms, even though you know for sure that your ovaries are fine... then just get tested anyway. As a result you will know for sure about what's going on in your body.

I came across a website with a great article that talks about this situation. The article is called You Don't Have to Have Ovarian Cysts to Suffer from PCOS Symptoms and I think many of us should check it out. Even if you already know about your personal situation, it's always good to get fresh new content so you can help to inform others accurately.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I fall into this category, PCOS without cysts. I think we're a very misdiagnosed/under-diagnosed category so its important to get the word out to other women.

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  5. yes this is so true i went to the doctor for pelvin pain they did the ultra sound and everything they say my ovaries and everything else was fine i have no cyst and i have periods once a month but my blood work came back and my male hormone are extremely high so they prescribe me provera and said i had pcos because of the hormones inbalance so please go get check out


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