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Monday, March 14, 2011
Once in a while everyone can use a little inspiration. And I love to see success stories about people's weight loss. Therefor I encourage others men and women to go ahead and share their story of success. By sharing your story with others, you can inspire someone to continue with their weight loss goal. Hopefully, like I do to all those that read www.pcosdiaries.com

Monique said that She has changed her eating habits slowly, over a period of time. Her daily routine starts with cutting out junk food. Instead of reaching for cakes, cookies and potato chips, she stocked her fridge with healthier snacks. Monique no longer eats Red meat and fried foods, she has replaced it with fresh fish and salads. She drinks a lot of water through out the day. With the addition of her trainer, she has also maintained a steady gym routine. 

The last update I see about Monique, is that she lost over 40 pounds. And If I know her she is probably going to continue her weight loss process or at least maintain the weight she is now. Not all of us can do things exactly how she did it, but I'm sure if we keep going, we can have the same results or even better.


  1. Jenn - I am so glad you joined TB so I wold have the pleasure of finding your blog! I'll have to share my success story later...lol...but in the meantime, I love this one about Monique. I love that she changed her habits slowly and has had such great success...gives me hope! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more from you soon! Cheers ~Norma

  2. It's always great to hear of people's weight loss success. This one especially makes me smile because Monique is going about things the right way. Good for her, and thanks for sharing it with me. http://www.Sharontogether.com/

  3. whether so lost weight or not, she has a lovely personality and very bubbly person.

  4. @Nava.K

    Oh yeah... she was my favorite "plus size" woman. I Looked up to her cause she was just so funny and "Pro Plus Size" I Loved It.

  5. Good for Monique! She is a beautiful woman no matter what her size but it is very encouraging to see people making healthier choices and reaping the rewards. Especially someone with celebrity and $$ who could go the "quick fix" route instead.


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