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Thursday, March 24, 2011
Have you wanted to lose weight in a fun way? Well, here is a secret that most women have undertaken to lose weight and reach targets effectively. It doesn’t require money. It is not a special diet and definitely not a magic pill or supplement. It is called a weight loss friend, a new modern approach that men and women can use to get to their ideal weights.

A weight loss friend need not be your friend, as it could be anyone actually. Since this is an adventure you can pick anyone known to you, not necessarily close acquaintances that share the desire to lose weight, and then you can satisfy the desire to end this wretched issue. So those mainly are the basic characteristics of a weight loss friend. It is quite simple, right?

Having a weight loss friend, or some people call them buddies, will give you more benefits and a more realistic approach to attaining your end goals. You may or may not have a contract, but it is strongly recommended that you do so that both of you may feel a sense of commitment to what you are going to set out with. You don’t have to be that close to your buddy, but instead see her or him as a good rival and a helpful friend at the same time, for that really is her or his job.

Now how does it work? Well basically both of you should create a plan. You may share a plan to make it more challenging, and set dates as to where and when you will workout. The plan may be as specific as you want. It may be about your diet, what food items you need to eat, etc. Nonetheless the most important thing is you should look out for each other. One basic rule to have is ,“Never get left behind with your buddy!” Isn’t that simple?

The healthy challenge and competition will only make the two of you more dedicated to getting your goals. Don’t be afraid to be a critique or mean, but be the first person to help them as well. If you see that your buddy is feeling down, then it is your obligation to hype them up and continue with the challenge. So the next rule is actually “Do not let your buddy get left behind!” With these two rules the fun just gets better.

Of course constant contact is ideal but not necessary. With the technology today you can email or video chat him or her and check on each others progress. How often will that be? Well just remember the rules and you will know the answer.

Never hesitate to ask for help from your buddy and never hesitate to teach them as well. You will have to learn some new secret techniques for you to be lagging behind, but in the process you can teach her or him what you’ve learned as well. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

See, having a buddy will help you reach the goal without really worrying too much about it. The weight loss friend relationship may not last, it doesn’t matter as you can easily find a new one, but if it blooms then you just found yourself a very reliable and good friend who you can cherish for life. Also, we can truly apply the adage of, “Two heads are better than one”. Good luck!

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  1. This is a great idea. As a life coach, I am that buddy for many people, and I see wonderfully inspiring results. Having someone to be accountable to is a good structure for success. So glad you posted this suggestion!

  2. I think accountability is definitely key to success so this idea makes perfect sense! Thanks for sharing. Cheers ~Norma

  3. I agree completely! As in any behavior modification plan, accountability and group support are really key. And since weight loss programs imply a lot of behaviors to change, going on the journey with trusted friends is really helpful.

  4. brinkka2011 says: My wife will get angry if she hears this.


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