So Many Weight Loss Shows

Monday, March 7, 2011
Can you name a tv show that has plus size men and women in it that does not include a weight loss show ? Are drawing a blank like I am ? Over the past few years it's no secret that we have been bombarded with on going weight loss shows.

IF you stop to think of any show dealing with plus size people... I bet it will have to do with weight loss in some way. Why ? why is there not one show that positively talks about plus size people ? Or a show with plus size men and women, that shows them living their life and we get to see what it's like as a heavier person through their eyes.

I do watch and enjoy a lot of different weight loss shows. Maybe to see the transformation or just to watch the foods they use to eat. So I understand why these type of shows exists. But I personally would also love to see a positive plus size person for once, that's happy with who they are, kind of like how Monique use to be.

To listen to my thoughts on this topic, please click the play button below.

Press Play 

If your interested in view the show heavy it comes on channel A&E, as for the time frame you would have to check your local listings.

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