PCOS Weight Loss Tip - Work Out At Home

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
If your like most of us, then you probably don't have a lot of time to get in a good work out. Some times to get a good exercise means you have :

  • Get Dressed
  • Get in your car or use public transportation
  • Pay a monthly, bi monthly or yearly membership fee which cost money
  • Find some type of gym equipment if it's not taken already
  • Stay on for a limited amount of time, because the next personal behind you is also waiting to use the machines.
  • Last but not least, drive all the way back home, and repeat for the next day.

To eliminate a lot of the hassle, you can work out at home. Do you see the picture above ? That's what I call a "Leg Lift". The position the woman is in will tighten her "Rear or Booty" for lack of a better word. If you do each leg around 50 times. You will notice your Butt is tighter and more lifted. Weight loss is very important for any woman with PCOS. However have a sexy shape is a completely different story. Even if you don't lose a pound, you will still look better in and OUT of your clothes. 


  1. Thanks for the tip, Jenn. I know my booty can use all the help it can get! Cheers ~Norma

  2. yep, I also exercise at home, have a few gym equipments to help me in this.

  3. Tamara Schultes3/17/11, 7:59 PM

    I do exercise at home when I don't go the gym and some of these old fashion exercises are still the best. I'll have to do this booty exercise this week. Thanks!


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