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Friday, March 11, 2011
What Is Your Motivation  ?

In order to successfully lose weight and keep it off there must be a reason behind that ? What is it ? What gives you the motivation needed to keep going ?

My motivation to lose an additional 50 pounds or more, is my life. I originally first started losing weight because at one point I got so big I couldn't do things I would normally do. Walking felt more like work and took more of an effort than it use to before. As time went on I found out I had PCOS as a result my motivation changed. Although I already lost about 30 pounds and physically I feel better than before, I need to continue in order to reach my next goal. And my next goal is to cure my PCOS. After talking to a few doctors they all feel that by simply losing weight my problems will be resolved. And if that's all it takes to have the family I want and become a healthier me, then I will do it. 

Everyone has a reason to do something. Whether it's to :
  • Lose weight for the summer time
  • Lose weight to get in shape
  • Lose weight to cure PCOS
  • Lose weight for vacation
  • Simply lose weight just for you

 No matter what it is, you need to have a reason to keep you motivated. If you have no serious reason that you are committed to, then you may not take your weight loss as serious. As a result you risk not meeting your goal or worst yet, you might even gain weight. In order to meet and surpass your goal, you have to stay motivated. And have people around you that are willing to help you achieve your goal. If your friends or family is not supportive for what ever reason, then you have to rely on  YOU to reach your goal. Like I always say "This is your story, you and only you can decide how it will end"


  1. My motivation is a wedding this summer that my ex boyrfriend and his new girlfriend will be at. I would love to show up looking better than I ever did when we were together!

  2. LOL... wow well if that isn't motivation I don't know what is - Smile.

  3. The reason I want to lose weight is because it will make me much more healthy and feel more confident in myself and I will be able to fit into those clothes I havnt been able to wear. :)
    Your blog is motivational and I am going to try harder.

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  4. I want to lose weight because it will give me more confidence in myself and also my friend got diabetes because she was overweight and I don’t want to get that.

  5. I plan on eating less and working out more. Drinking plenty of water as well.


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