PCOS - After Using Progesterone

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
OK, so inside some of my previous post, I talked about using the medication Progesterone. While using the medication my cycle came down like it's suppose to. It took a few days after I took my last Progesterone pill for the medication to take place. Roughly with in 4 or 5 days my cycle begin to start.

The first few days was pretty good. There was very little cramps and the "Flow" wasn't too heavy either. However, towards the middle to end of my period, the "Flow" did get heavier, darker red, and chunks was also included in the the mix. Cramps intensified also, but I did have worst cramps in the past so I'm not going to complain about that.

Over all the process went successfully. The pills worked like they there suppose to and considering I did not have a period in 5 months, I thought everything went pretty well. When it comes down to the next month, I don't think my cycle will come on it's own. So I'm sure I will have to make another appointment a few months from now to get the medication again. I just wish there was something besides birth control I can take on a monthly or daily basis to regulate my cycle.


  1. I have PCOS as well. My Dr. told me not to go more then 90 days without a period because its very bad, and the old lining of your uterus that isn't shedding can turn into other problems, such as cancer. So she gives me Progesterone with enough refills to get through the year if needed. On day 80 or 90 if I still don't have a period I take the 10 days of pills and two days later I get my period.

    If you find that medication gives you more bleeding or intense cramps, ask for a different kind. I had to do that originally. As the name brand of Progesterone made me feel awful for 30 days and I had no period for weeks. But, ever since I started getting my period 17+ years ago I've had bad cramps with my period. In fact, my OBGYN now gives me Tylenol with Codeine every time I get a period because the backpain and cramps are so bad.

    I find that if I work out (Treadmill 30 min a day 5+ days a week) I start getting my period monthly. . . and when I stop for awhile, I stop getting it.

  2. pcosdiaries3/9/13, 10:41 AM

    Yeah I was told the same thing , that we should bleed once within at least 4 months otherwise it may cause cancer in the future. Right now I've been on birth controls bills for about two weeks to prepare me for my first IVF cycle, so my cycle should start again soon once I come off Birth Control.


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