Weight Loss Show - One Big Happy Family

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Do you remember this show ? I do, and personally I thought it was a nice show. For those that don't know the concept of the One Big Happy Family I will tell you. As I'm sure you might have already guessed this show is about an African American family that is tired of being over weight and wants to make a change.

Personally I've seen plenty of weight lose show. "The Biggest Loser" and "Bridal Boot Camp" just to name a few. But for some reason this family was under a lot of controversy. As per an Article on CNN some people feel that the family was being exploited, and also mentioned that they had no trainer or nutritionist so they wasn't serious about their weight loss. In my opinion I don't think the kids fully wanted to lose weight, in a way I think they were happy being themselves. I think they liked eating what ever they wanted to eat, is there anything wrong with that ? Each member of this family however, was roughly 300 pounds and more a piece. with that alone, the situation turns in to a health issue over what you like to eat.

Ultimately I kind of think that the family was here for the show and not to really lose weight. Even though the show is canceled, I have a feeling the family is still big. When a person is ready to lose weight when there are no cameras and money involved,  then that's when they can prove to America that they were serious about their weight loss. Regardless, it's unfortunate that the show got taken off the air. I wasn't offend by them at all and  I hope to see them again in the future no matter what.

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