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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Hey again, I'm sure we all know that diets don't work long term. What I mean by that is most likely people simply follow their diet plan, lose weight then that's it. Slowly but surely we begin to go back to our old habits because we haven't really learned how to eat in the "Real World". Personally I have lost roughly 20 to 30 pounds give or take (fluctuates). Now I do still have some ways to go before meeting my goal, buy at least its a start. I was never able to keep the weight off before. However I'm happy I kept that weight off for a little while now and going to keep going. 

Normally My diet process would be the  yo-yo diet, which means :
  1. I lose weight
  2. reach my goal
  3. get comfortable
  4. gain weight
  5. and then get depressed

So I have decided never to do another diet again. I'm going to simply watch what I eat and make better decisions therefore I should have long term success.


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