PCOS- Unwanted Body Hair

Sunday, February 27, 2011
One bad side effect with having PCOS is the unwanted body hair. That can include anything from legs, arms, underarms, chin hair, lip hair and some time side burns too. And me personally I have all of the above. Now don't get me wrong... I'm not some hideous wilder beast that growls when the moon comes out. But I am a bit hairy.

I remember one time it seems like I woke up and looked in the mirror and I didn't like what I saw. I felt  like I was aging or getting older. So what I would do before I go to work is, I would put some make up on my face to try and cover up the "aging". I was doing that for a few weeks until one day a friend at the time told me some shocking news. He decided to finally tell me after weeks of me slapping  a bunch of makeup on my face that I actually had facial hair all over my cheeks. I was growing a beard people ! I almost didn't believe him until I went home and looked really close up in the mirror. To my dismay I saw a bunch of small hair follicles all over both cheeks. It started damn near from a little under both eyes, to the apples of my cheeks. The craziest part though is when I picked up a razor, wet it and slid it across my cheek... I saw the most beautiful skin. I was so embarrassed and relieved at the same time. I knew something on my face was wrong ... but I just couldn't figure out what it was.

My hormones was sooo out of whack hair grew on my cheeks, which is something that has never happened before. And that particular situation has never happened again. Even though I'm still a bit hairy, at least I'm no longer freakishly so. I groom myself like no other, and I'm glad I found out what was wrong with my hormones before things got too out of control. I no longer have to worry about random burst of testosterone and becoming a Man over night - smile. 


  1. Bubbydoolou3/20/12, 1:16 AM

    So... do you shave everyday? That is one thing I am frightened of. I look at my husband's stubble and EEEEEEEEEEEEK! I use Sally Hansen's hair remover cream, but I have such sensitive skin that it messes my face up... BAD! The day AFTER I do that is horrible. I have a rash and everywhere I had that cream is red. BUT, my skin is so nice and dewy... Part of my beauty regime now includes Neosporin.

  2. pcosdiaries3/20/12, 1:30 AM

    I do have to shave every single day. If not then my hair will grow in after about a day. Its bad though because now I get like a dark shadow where my lip and chin, so I use makeup to try and cover it. But yet I have to have the hair grow for like 3 days before I can wax it. Now I work everyday ... so you know I can't go to work like that, so it does suck.

  3. Bubbydoolou3/20/12, 1:57 AM

    I tweeze the black ones I can reach and then burn the rest. I call it beard be gone. This is what I use. I love and hate it. I was working at home for almost two years when my company decided they wanted me to help start this new department. SO, no more at home chat and rest for my skin. I use this once a week on my cheeks, lip and chin. Then I can go without on my cheeks for another week. But I will use it on my chin every other day or as needed. I could care less about the peach fuzz. It is the dark thick hairs that bother me. I would only do my chin and upper lip, but then I would have a reverse goatee going on. And I cant hide that, either. I am so fair skinned and tanning doesn't work. I burn, peel and repeat. I have finally embraced the fact that this is not my fault and there isn't a lot I can do about it. I am old enough to not be as embarrassed about it and can talk openly about it with almost anyone. No dudes, though. That is just wrong. hahaha. I have a great husband, thought. Although he really doesn't want to kiss me while rockin the Billy D. Williams look, he is very kind and understanding. I am also over exaggerating about that one. I am not sportin that yet, but I am sure I will as I get older. ;)

  4. Did you try laser hair removal treatment? I heard its very effective and the result is long lasting compared to other procedures.

    1. How long do the Laser Treatment last ? Is the price High ?

  5. Bubbydoolou5/17/12, 7:48 PM

    That is my goal. I have found a product you can use at home, but it is pricey. For me, it doesn't matter the price. I will get me this treatment. hahaha

    1. Really ? What product is it ? The Lazer Hair Removal ?

  6. hormonal wrack8/27/12, 5:25 PM

    How did you managed to get your hormones back in balance? I am dealing with the same problem. the hair on underarms, forearms, legs and bikiniline have expanded and grow in thicker en faster. On my face, neck and chin and everywhere elso on my body I grow also blondish thin but longer hair and the hair on my head is shedding (although it is also possible that this is due to stess cause I lost my job and freaked out when I heard I have got pcos).

    I dont want to go on bcp since they make the hormonal situation even worse.
    I have jus started low carbing (it goes easily besides the alcohol part), take D chiro insitol, magnesium and vitamine D.

    I am a lean cyster (bmi 20) and have been diagnosed due to my 24 cyst and hairgrowth. My gyn and endo dont let me do a bloodtest cause it make no sense they say. I am soooo frustraded cause I want to know if my free testosteron is too high, if I am IR or not, if I am oestrogen dominant or if no progesteron is too low.

    Aaah, I really live in a nightmare at the moment and I am soo affraid of getting bald or that the still thin hairs get coarse and black...


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