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Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Lose Weight ! Most of us hear those words from our Dr.  Then after they say those words, they tend to follow them up with ...  "You Can Have Surgery To Lose Weight" . As if their telling you to "Go to the Store" Surgery is a huge decision that many of take likely. Our main goal is to lose weight, some women do it naturally and others use surgery. The most popular forms of weight lose surgery is The Lap Band and Gastric bypass surgery. Both surgeries have only one main goal ... Weight loss.

I myself had to make a decision whether to lose weight naturally or go through surgery. Below were some of thoughts on both.

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Remember what ever you decide is up to you. You have to pick which option will be best to fit in your life. This is your story ... You decide How It Ends.


  1. Kindly tell me is gastric bypass surgery dangerous or a simple surgery?
    how many calories

  2. Gastric Bypass surgery just like any other surgery have risk of death. However over all there was very little cases of death on the operating table.

    I would say please do ur research before signing up for any type of surgery.


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