PCOS - Insulin Resistance Procedure

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Just recently I had a Dr. appointment to check if I could potentially be a diabetic or not. They do this by checking my insulin levels. The procedure was pretty simple and it only took about 2 hrs.

The Procedure :
  1.  You cant eat or drink anything after 12:00am (depending on what your Dr. tells you) Personally I stopped eating or drinking after 9:30 just to be sure.

  2. You have to visit your Dr. the very next MORNING. Roughly between the hours 7:30 and 8:00 am. (again depending on the Dr. you have) They do this to assure that you will not eat anything, so your appointment will be as early as possible.
  3. They call you in and then take blood from you for the first time. (1rst time)

  4. Right after they take the blood, they will give you special juice that you have to drink while sitting there.

  5. The nurse then will tell you to come back in 1 hr, in order to draw more blood from you. This is to check and see if your insulin spiked after drinking the juice.

  6. One hour later you come back to see the nurse and she will draw blood again. (2nd time)

  7. Then you must go back and wait another hr, then return back to the nurse for your third and final blood drawing. (last time) 

Once everything is completed and the nurse/Dr drew your blood 3 times, then your free to go. You must then set up an appointment with your regular medical Dr. in order to get your results.


  1. Wow! Just found you through a NetworkedBlogs discussion. I am drawn to your blog. I have PCOS too. My first and only pregnancy ended at 26 weeks b/c of severe Preeclampsia. I'm convinced the 2 are related. My son was in the hospital for over 5 months, but he is 3 now. I will definitely follow your blog. Good luck with everything!

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