Losing Weight With PCOS

Friday, February 25, 2011
Hey ! Just wanted to give an up date on my weight loss. This month has been the best month since the summer of last year. Over the holiday season I've been doing really good maintaining my weight. However since the beginning of February I have been losing pounds left and right.

I really haven't been doing anything different from before, except maybe one thing. I am now determined more so than ever not to eat late at night. I stop eating roughly around 9PM and that gives my body enough time to digest food.

What I Eat :
  • Breakfast - healthy cereal like raisin bran
  • Lunch - a snack like yogurt or granola bar
  • Dinner - light dinner like sandwich, pork chop sandwich, hamburger with no fries.
  • Snack - one more snack something like 100 calorie snack packs

As of right now - I am down 5LBS, and going to continue all the way down to a healthier me !


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