Why Cant I Get Pregnant ?

Thursday, January 27, 2011
Why is it I'm the one with fertility issues ? Is a question a lot of women seem to ask themselves. Especially when you best is on her fourth child and you cant even have one. That's a problem many of us go through, myself included. Some women can become jealous when someone they know is expecting. The only reason that is, is because you wait for that day when you can be joyful and say "Hey I'm Pregnant" however every time your not and someone else is, you have again deal with the realization that you will never be able to say those words to anyone. I sometime wonder, "Am i suppose to be a parent ?" Maybe this is Gods way of saying that this isn't for you. Or maybe i think those things in order to cope with my problems.

how can I accept something I can't control ? 


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