PCOS Weight Loss Tips - Healthy Snacks

Friday, January 28, 2011
Personally I love eating snacks in between meals, It is a bad habit however a lot of people really don't eat too much food, they just snack through out the day. In order to make weight loss easier the best thing to do is find some healthy snacks that you love. As a result you won think of yourself as being on a "diet" you would most likely feel like your eating healthier.

Healthy Snacks
  1. Fruits - Is a great snack if you have a "sweet tooth" like I do.
  2. Raisins - wonderful snack that is always healthy, have very little calories and they help clean your insides as well. 
  3. Prunes - LOL yeah I know, not my favorite snack but they do have a decent taste and works well as fiber to help eliminate waste.
  4. Yogurts -  The best one to have are low calorie yogurts. I would say anything under 100 calories would be best.

Can You Think of More Healthy Snacks ?


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