Do I Have PCOS ?

Thursday, January 27, 2011
While going to a routine GYN appointment my Dr. mentions to me I might have PCOS. Naturally I ask some questions and researched online to get a better grasp on my situation. The Dr then explained to me that I may have a cyst on my ovaries which maybe the reason for my infertility. After hearing this I figured... Wow I finally found the answer to my problems ! Until I my test results came back and I found out that my ovaries are normal.

So now what ? Do I still have PCOS or do I have some other unknown problem ? I'm showing all the systems of PCOS except the fact that my ovaries are fine and I have no cyst on them. Where does that leave me ? Is there even a cure for what I have ? Or do I just have to accept the fact that I may never have a child ? Is there a cure to PCOS and if so, what is it ? I'm hoping there is some magic pill that makes everything better. But for some reason I feel like my journey has just begun.

Early symptoms of PCOS include:
  1. Few or no menstrual periods . This can range from less than nine menstrual cycles in a year (more than 35 days between cycles) to no menstrual periods.2 Some women with PCOS have regular periods but are not ovulating every month. This means that their ovaries are not releasing an egg each month. 
  2. Heavy, irregular vaginal bleeding. About 30% of women with PCOS have this symptom. 
  3. Hair loss from the scalp and hair growth (hirsutism) on the face, chest, back, stomach, thumbs, or toes. About 70% of women in the United States with PCOS complain of these hair problems caused by high androgen levels. 
  4. Acne and oily skin, caused by high androgen levels.
  5. Depression or mood swings.


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