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Concealing women facial hair with makeup


Concealing women facial hair with makeup

I suffer from having Women Facial Hair and I hate to say that the person in this picture is me. This picture was taken at night after just removing makeup and scrubbing my face. Unfortunately for me I have been shaving my face every single morning for many years. I literally will not walk out the house without shaving and putting some type of concealer on my face for obvious reasons.



Here is a little history about me :

  1. I learned how to put on make up by watching you tube videos.
  2. I tried Waxing my chin and lip once but for some reason the hairs are too short and the wax never grabs the course short hairs.
  3. Embarrassed to leave the house without shaving and concealer or make up of some kind on my face.
  4. Hell I wont even open the front door half the time with out at least some lotion on my face. (it helps me feel like i have something to help cover the ingrown hairs and razor bumps. And if i did, I'd never make eye contact with anyone and will keep my eyes and head to the ground just hoping that no one will notice.
This is me with my awesome boyfriend on our 6 year anniversary.
You can still see the razor bumps but for the most part I was happy with the way my foundation covered those imperfections. And for a bonus, My boyfriend finally likes the way my face looks in makeup (well this brand any way). Remember I learned all about makeup on YouTube. I evened watched videos of drag queens using different creams and foundations to hide their 5 o'clock shadows. So there was a lot of trial and error on my end. I always would purchase a shade of foundation that was too light for me and put way too much on because I felt I had to "cake it on " to hide my flaws. So while looking through many videos online I came across Make up forver which is a mat finish, waterproof , oil free foundation sold by Sephora. What does that mean ? well it means I no longer have to worry about breakouts on my face because im trying to cover whats growing out of my face. In other words this makeup is actually safe for acne prone skin.   Women Facial Hair do exist, however with so many different options for concealers and foundations in an almost unlimited amount of shades, we can overcome it. Having Women Facial Hair and pcos goes hand in hand with some women, myself included. I will probably never stop trying to find the perfect razor,tweezers, hair removal cream etc because Facial Hair just like Infertility and PCOS is just another obstacle I will have to overcome.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weight Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

You might have more motivation than anyone else to lose weight. You may munch on healthy snacks. You probably count calories. You try to exercise as much as possible. But still the number on the scale refuses to decrease. What are you doing wrong?

Here are seven dieting mistakes you could be making. While each one seems fairly innocent, added together they can really sabotage your weight loss efforts.

1. Consuming Too Many Calories
There are two ways to consume too many calories. First, you know your goal and repeated go over it. Or, you could have the wrong goal to begin with. How many calories should you really be consuming each day?

According to a recent study by the American Dietetic Association, only 11% of Americans correctly estimate their ideal daily calorie requirements. The rest overestimate.

Figure out the right intake for you and your activity level. If you think you should be consuming a maximum of 2,000 calories each day and the real number is 1,800, those extra 200 calories will cause you to keep 20 unwanted pounds.

2. Assuming You Are Burning More Calories Than You Actually Are
Most women are kept pretty busy. As a result, we assume our daily routine torches more calories than it really does. For example, a simple trip to the mall is usually quite the production. Schlepping kids in and out of the car, hauling shopping bags from one end of the building to the other and then unloading everything when you get home burns a whopping…400 calories. That is about a tenth of a pound. Not nearly the workout you imagined, huh?

While 400 calories is better than nothing, there are simple ways to make your every day activities more of a workout. Studies show short bursts of intense activity burn more calories. The next time you take the kids to the park to walk around, keep your normal pace for about five minutes. Then, for a solid minute, crank up the speed to a brisk walk. After the minute, take the pace back to a comfortable walk. Keep repeating this schedule and you’ll burn 30% more calories.

3. Not Being Mindful of Portion Sizes
By now, you have probably kicked most of your unhealthy eating habits. Your high-calorie snacks have been replaced with healthier options. However, just because the food is packed with nutrients doesn’t mean you can eat more of it.

Be mindful of the recommended serving sizes of the following healthy foods:
• A serving of chopped fruits or vegetables should be about the size of a baseball.
• A serving of nuts or shredded cheese should be about the size of a golf ball.
• A serving of rice or pasta should be about the size of your fist.
• A serving of lean meat should be about the size of a deck of cards.

4. Choosing the “Healthiest” Item on the Menu
Image this scenario. You and your girlfriend are at the mall shopping and swing by the food court for lunch. You make a beeline for the sandwich shop, opting for a nice, healthy turkey sandwich. Your girlfriend meets you at the table with two slices of pizza. Who has fewer calories? She probably does.

Your turkey sandwich has the potential to be healthier. However, the focaccia bread, cheese, and mayo pack an unhealthy punch.

Before going out to eat, check the restaurant’s website. Most dining establishments share nutritional information about their dishes online. At the very least, be familiar with the lowest calorie options at all your favorite restaurants. That way, you are always prepared if someone your with insists on making a quick pit-stop.

5. Buying Diet Foods
Many people see “fat-free,” “low-fat,” or “sugar-free” and think they have made a wise purchase. However, that is rarely the case.

Those diet foods often have the same amount of calories as – or just slightly less than – the regular version. However, instead of paying attention to the fine print, dieters trust the large-print marketing schemes. As a result, they feel more inclined to eat larger portions - usually twice as much as normal – of the food because it is “healthier.”

Instead, go ahead and purchase the full-fat version. Don’t totally deprive yourself of the food items you love. If you do, you are just setting yourself up for failure. Eventually you’ll cave; when you do, you’ll seriously overeat. Give yourself the occasional treat; just be mindful of the portion size.

6. Doing a Million Crunches
Most women want a toned tummy. To get it, they do a gazillion crunches. Sure, this will probably work – your ab muscles will be toned. But if you don’t burn the layer of fat keeping them hidden, no one will ever see your ab muscles.

To burn your belly fat, try interval training. Alternate between high intensity and toned down bursts of cardio activity. This will burn more calories – and fat – than a steady paced workout.

7. Not Counting All Your Calories

Are you a sampler? You grab a spoonful of dough while baking cookies. You snag a handful of popcorn from your husband’s bucket at the movies. You steal a corner of your daughter’s brownie while helping with her homework. Did you count all those calories? Sure, they might not be much. But added together, those unaccounted for calories can cause a lot of damage.

Try to avoid eating while you are distracted. Don’t eat your dinner in front of the TV. Walk away from the computer before getting an afternoon snack. And chew gum while you’re cooking. We tend to eat more when we are focused on other tasks.

Well, what do you think? Have you suffered any of these dieting set-backs? Could one of these situations be the cause of your unshed pounds?

Guest author Jane Allen is a health blogger. She regularly writes about various health, fitness and weight loss topics. Recently, she has been researching how B12 injections  can provide extra energy for interval training.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lose weight by choosing the right food

Losing weight requires a perfect combination of diet and fitness program. To get a real weigh loss you need to take of your grocery and kick off the addiction for candies. Proper diet and exercise will result in enhanced metabolism and help you to achieve your goal of shedding kilos. Adding some great foods in the diet you can expect better results of your weight loss program. A good way of controlling the calorie intake is having a low-cal large salad. It is the sheer volume of salad that makes you feel full and reduce the urge of eating more. Studies have revealed that people having one salad per day contain high levels of folic acid, lycopene, carotenoids and vitamins C and E and they are better disease fighters than others. A breakfast with egg makes you feel fullers for quite a longer period of time, prevents spikes in blood sugar and thereby reduces craving for food. Eggs are highly rich in protein and the egg white is great for all those who are looking to shed weight.

 Beans are great in helping in keeping the blood sugar level perfect so that staving off hunger for a longer time becomes easy. Apart from helping you losing weight beans are aids in lowering your cholesterol level. The antioxidants present in Green Tea speed up our metabolism and the rate of burning fat. The people having green tea have found a significant reduction in their body weight and level of cholesterol and a boost in metabolism as well. Pears are great for filling your stomach and they come with high pectin fiber. According to researches people having pears in their diet lost more weight that those who had other items in meals. Taking soup is a great way of filling your stomach and it acts as appetite blunting item. You can satisfy your hunger even with the simplest of soups. Keep lean beef in diet for shedding weight. The amino acid that is abundant in meat helps you lose weight while maintaining calorie-burning muscle. The women who have lean beef in diet lose more weight than others and have fewer hunger pangs.

Cinnamon play a good role in losing weight by keeping a control on post-meal spikes of insulin and does not let you feel hungry. Vinegar makes your tummy feel fuller and reduces the tendency to eat more. Eating bread dipped in Vinegar you can shed more fat than ever. To curb your appetite you can take a breakfast that contains high-fiber cereal. The magic ingredient capsaicin hot red pepper can help to suppress appetite and lose weight. It has been seen that taking Grapefruit before meal or drinking juice of the fruit people can shed more than who do not have Grapefruit in their diet. Including Peanuts in your diet you can consume less at subsequent meals also get a boost in metabolism. Tofu, the appetite-quashing protein is effective in reducing the appetite and people having Tofu in their diet eat less food than others. Extra virgin olive oil in food helps to boost the metabolism and aids in getting rid of unwanted fat.

Sandeep Arora is a senior chef who has been working as the Chief Chef in the top hotels of India for twelve years now. He has written many articles on restaurants noida. In this article he is providing us with some valuable information on how to lose weight by choosing the right food.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sugar and Fat Free Cake

Sugar and Fat Free Cake

This time we are bringing you a recipe for a delicious cake but without the sugar and fat, rich in protein needed to build muscle!

When most people are on a diet constantly get the desire for something sweet. Thus it is even worse if the "hunger" catches you in the evening. All of this is normal, because when you're in a calorie deficit and the body defends, it is sending you a signal that it wants power, it wants sugars. So we present you this sweet cake which can deceive your desire and stay on the right path with the diet. Even better is the fact that this types of cake you can eat at night before going to sleep without guilt. Forget those stories that you are not allowed to eat in the evening, it may be true for carbohydrates and fat, but not for proteins! For more info about nutrition and proteins visit wikipedia. For a baked cake, these are the best possible ratios of macronutrients for one active exerciser in the process of definitions and deficient diet.

In addition to the favourable composition, you can put this meal in a plastic bowl and place in the fridge or even take with you when you to go somewhere. A couple of bites and you're already absorbed a large amount of protein, with minimal fat and carbohydrates. It is actually a combination of curd cheese, egg whites, and fruit you can choose according to your taste. It is recommend to choose berries that will add their own juice to the mixture during cooking, and so it will give a nice aroma.


- 500 g extra curd low-fat cheese
- 10 egg whites and 1 egg yolk
- 150g of frozen cherries (or similar fruit)
- An artificial sweetener


1- Take 9 egg whites and 1 whole egg, put in blender and mix for a few seconds until the foam is formed

2- Then add half a pound of extra curd low-fat cheese and stevia sweetener. Mix it until the mixture is fine and smooth (20-30 seconds)

3- Pour the entire mixture into a glass ovenproof dish. A glass ovenproof dish is recommended because it is not necessary to coat any kind of grease on it. There will be nothing to paste, and when the cake cools it will unstick from the pan by itself.

4- When you pour the entire mixture, decorate it with chosen fruits and place it in the oven at 220 degrees Celsius, but put it at the lower third of the oven. This is very important because the top of the cake will bake faster and you don't want it to burn.

5- During backing the cake will puff, but this is normal because of the egg whites. You just have to monitor the situation so that the upper part doesn't bake faster than the rest and burn. It's over when the upper part becomes brown, and the lower part is dry. It can take 40-60 minutes. When it's done, remove the cake from the oven and allow ten minutes to cool and settle.

6- Now, the cake is already done. So, it is important that you leave the cake to cool down, because it will be easier to take the cake out of the dish. In the end cut it into desired shape and serve it on a plate or pack it in a plastic bowl and take it with you and show the others your fat and sugar free cake.

Nutritive value of the whole cake (4 servings):
- Kcal: 578
- Protein: 101g
- Carbohydrates: 30g
- Fat: 6g

Author Bio:

Maya is a food blogger. She loves cooking and baking for her family and friends. She is currently working on a project for one of the leading kids birthday cakes wholesaler in Perth – Cake Factory.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Water Pills to Lose Weight

What are Water pills ?

Water pills also known as Diuretics, are herbs or drugs that increase urination and amplify the excretion of body water. Medically, they often are used in the treatment of conditions like heart failure, high blood pressure, liver cyrrohsis, and some kidney diseases, but more and more often, diuretics are being marketed to the average consumer as a weight loss aid.

Taking Water Pills to Lose Weight is pretty controversial mainly because when it comes down to using pills for weight reduction, it is very taboo amongst fellow dieters. The reason I bring up this topic up is because about a month ago I went to a dietician to help me further my weight loss to reach my goal. After checking my blood pressure, heart and weight, he created a diet plan for me and also to my surprise prescribed me Water Pills and an Appetite suppressant.

I figured ... this is different I'll give it a shot and see how things go. Well the appetite suppressant went horrible for me. I work 8 hours a day doing customer service at a computer desk. About 30min after taking the pill, I would feel dizzy and zombified (lifeless and disoriented) . But the scariest thing of all was the feeling I felt in my chest. Just to give you a little medical history about myself, I have an Irregular heart beat or a heart murmur depending on who you ask. And for any pill that causes side effects in my chest, just isn't good for me. So I stopped taking them immediately. 

The water pills however, I did have a very good experience with. The only side effect I felt was of course increased urination and sometime dry mouth. Im sure the dry mouth comes because your losing more fluid than your putting in. Other than that, I did lose excess water weight that I frankly did not need. Think of it like this when your working out  in the Summer time your body is  heated up and your sweating. In the Winter time you can work out just as hard and just as long, but you may not get as much from the work out. This is because you sweat more in the summer time than you do in the winter time. Your still retaining water and that extra water is preventing you from seeing the scale go down. As a result some people do tend to use the aid of a water pill to help get rid of that extra water weight. 

How to Use It ?

Use the pills as directed, if your doctor tells you to use them once a day ... then use them once a day. Don't double your dosage because you feel you ate too much salt or because you feel "Fat". You will severely dehydrate yourself and may cause serious harm. If you feel you don't need to take them everyday, and only want to use as needed. Then I think that's perfectly fine if your using the pill only for Weight Loss. If you need water pills because you have a medical condition... then please use as directed by your doctor. Stay hydrated and stay away from too much high sodium foods because that will defeat the purpose of taking water pills to begin with. High Sodium per-packaged foods and overly salted foods will make you retain the fluids you drink, causing you to gain weight. 

Making a Decision

If you decide to use water pills or simply having a low sodium diet, do your research and figure out whats best for you. And remember you didn't gain the weight over night ... so don't exspect to lose it over night. Take your time and eventually we will all meet our goals.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Common Concerns After Pregnancy

Having a baby is a life-changing experience that brings joy to a new family. However, with the new baby also come many bodily changes that can leave women wondering if they will ever return to normal following their child’s birth.

Throughout a woman’s pregnancy, her body must stretch and expand in order to accommodate a growing baby. This can lead to significant changes that can linger for many months postpartum. For this reason, the following common concerns for women after pregnancy are explained along with some simple solutions in order to help women get back their body following the birth of a new baby.

Weight Gain
No matter what kind of physical shape a woman was before pregnancy, it is known that she will gain weight. While the recommended weight gain for pregnancy will vary according to a woman’s body type, it is likely that a few pounds will remain after the baby is born. Fortunately, many of these extra pounds will slowly melt away after the first few months. However, once a doctor gives their approval, a woman may find that moderate exercise can help them to shed the last few extra pounds.

Loose Abdominal Muscles
Throughout a pregnancy, the abdominal muscles become stretched as the baby grows. Once the baby is born, many women find that their abdominal muscles feel looser and contribute to a flabby belly. Fortunately, loose abdominal muscles are a temporary problem. Special exercises can be started immediately after giving birth to begin building these muscles back up. Once the post-partum period is over, more strenuous forms of exercises can be started, such as crunches and leg raises, in order to help develop tone and definition.

Giving birth is hard work. Additionally, sleep deprivation, extra household chores and breastfeeding can all contribute to the exhaustion that many new mothers feel in the first few months. Left untreated, this feeling can also contribute to postpartum depression. For this reason, it is important for new moms to make rest a priority. Additionally, making sure to receive regular exercise can help to combat feelings of fatigue.

Stretch Marks
The rapid weight gain and expansion of skin during pregnancy can contribute to stretch marks. Most mothers can take comfort that these reddish scars will eventually lighten over the coming months. In the meantime, keeping them moisturized with a quality lotion will help them to fade. Additionally, staying on top of exercise and eating a healthy diet will help a woman to continue to maintain a healthy body image.

After pregnancy, a woman will often be left with several concerns regarding her new body. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to help a woman to regain her former shape and physique. By taking the time to care for herself during the postpartum period, a woman will be better equipped to meet the needs of both her and the newborn baby.
Author bio:  Karlee Wiggins blogs about health topics.  She is the mother of three kids.  After her last child was born she looked into breast augmentation to help with her self-esteem and found it was a beneficial option for her body image.